A day in the life of an oven cleaning technician at Gleemly

As an oven cleaning technician working for Gleemly, John had a busy day ahead of him. He started his day at the Gleemly office, where he received his schedule for the day and made sure that he had all the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies.

John’s first appointment was in the affluent area of Bearsden. He arrived at the client’s home and introduced himself, explaining the process of the cleaning and the products he would use to ensure a deep clean of their oven. The client was pleased with his professional attitude and quickly gave him access to their kitchen.

John started by dismantling the oven, taking out the trays and shelves, and soaking them in a cleaning solution to loosen any grease and grime. While the trays were soaking, he started cleaning the interior of the oven using a special cleaning product that was safe and effective.

John was meticulous in his work, ensuring that every corner and crevice of the oven was thoroughly cleaned. He then moved onto the trays and shelves, scrubbing them by hand to remove any remaining dirt and grime.

The client was impressed with John’s attention to detail and the quality of his work. They couldn’t believe that their oven could look so clean and new again. John packed up his equipment and left the client’s home, feeling satisfied with a job well done.

Next, John headed to a property in Clarkston, where he was tasked with cleaning two ovens in the same day. He followed the same process, dismantling the ovens and cleaning them thoroughly, making sure to be efficient with his time to ensure he could complete both jobs in the time allocated.

John’s final appointment of the day was in Milngavie, where he was to clean a large commercial oven at a restaurant. He arrived at the restaurant and introduced himself to the head chef, who was pleased to see that John was on time and professional.

The commercial oven was much larger than the ones he had cleaned earlier in the day, but John was well-equipped and experienced in handling such jobs. He used his specialized equipment to ensure a deep clean of the oven, paying close attention to the hard-to-reach areas that were often missed by other cleaning companies.

After several hours of hard work, John had completed the job, leaving the restaurant’s kitchen sparkling clean. The head chef was impressed with John’s work and thanked him for his professionalism and attention to detail.

As John made his way back to the Gleemly office, he reflected on the day’s work, feeling satisfied and proud of the work he had done. He knew that his clients would be happy with the level of cleanliness of their ovens and that he had made a real difference in their lives.